Information to general public on issuance of business license Under the business activities registration act, no 25 of 1972

The Ministry of Industries and Trade wishes to inform the general public especially the business community in Tanzania, that the new system of issuance of business licenses has been established and the implementation started on the 1st day of July, 2013. The new system is in accordance with the Finance Act, 2011, which re -introduced charges/fees on issuance of
Business licenses every year (annually). Due to the above changes, issuance of business licenses WITHOUT payment of fees has been cancelled effective from 30 June, 2013. The business community is notified that all business licenses which were issued between July, 2004 and June, 2013 and which have no expiry date (permanent business licenses) should be returned to the relevant licensing authorities for the issuance of new licenses upon payment of the prescribed fees. The business community is notified further that, the new system is in accordance with the
Business Licensing Act, 1972 as prescribed in the Business License Application Form TFN 211
REV: 2004 the issuance of Business Licenses have been divided into two categories: Category A: Business Licenses which are issued by the Ministry of Industries and Trade Licensing Authority, and Category B: Business licenses which are issued by the Municipal Councils
[Local Government Authorities] In addition, holders of business licenses are required to renew all their business licenses before or on the 31st day of December, 2013. Any delay of renewing any business license which was issued before the new system will be penalized as provided under the Business Licensing Act, and the relevant Regulations effective from 01st day of January, 2014. The penalty for failure or delays on payments of the renewal license fees is 37 percent of the chargeable fee and will increase by 2 percent on monthly basis up to 47 percent by June, 2014.

Also, the fine/penalty for conducting business activities without having a valid business license
is Tshs. 100,000/= for all business under Category A, and Tshs. 50,000/= for Category B.
The ministry will conduct inspection to all businesses in all regions in Tanzania Mainland and legal measures in accordance with the licensing laws will be taken against those who will be found conducting business without having a valid business license issued under the new system.

The Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Industries and Trade
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Telephone: +255 22 2129111/3
Fax: +255-22-2125832

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